Circuit Cellar: Nanosys Quantum Dot Technology Makes Low-Cost Printing Displays a Reality

Taiwanese tech magazine, Circuit Cellar, looks at how next-generation electroluminescent Quantum Dot technology can fulfill the promise of OLED:

[Translation] While OLED is still working to push their blues to the required level, quantum dot technology has already proven that it is a better luminescent material for this application. Unlike OLED, quantum dots can produce the required blue light without any physical limitations. Also, quantum dots are made of durable inorganic material to provide better stability under oxygen and water vapor. [...]

This technology may take up to three to five years to commercialize. Nanosys is currently working on reducing the cost and finding a way to make it compatible standard materials. To achieve this, Nanosys will not be using the standard semiconductor manufacturing process for this application and instead, they will be using inkjet-printing.”