Wired: Samsung's New Quantum Dots Serve Up Some Tasty Colors

Tim Moynihan, writing for Wired on the just-launched 2017 Samsung QLED TVs:

“The fact that [Quantum Dots are] brighter, more powerful, and much more focused allows you to add more layers without impacting the color volume or off-angle viewing,” says Louis Masses, director of communications at Samsung. “Normally, if you put another layer on the panel, it dims everything. You lose color, you lose brightness. But here, the brightness and the efficiency allows you to put on a layer that helps improve black levels.”

To be sure, the Q-Series panels I saw at CES earlier this year provided a richer, more vibrant, and more nuanced picture than their predecessors... More impressive, it provided greater detail and richer color at high brightness levels than the LG OLED next to it.