Micro LEDforum 2017

Dr. ZhongSheng Luo, Nanosys Director of Applications Engineering

Come join Dr. ZhongSheng Luo, Nanosys' Director of Applications Engineering, at the 2017 Micro LEDforum on May 10, 2017, where he talks about the advancement of Quantum Dots converters and how it will impact the micro-LED display business. 

Micro-LED displays have been getting plenty of attention in the past couple of years due to the technology's ability to provide a high peak brightness while consuming significantly less power than any existing display solutions. With the micro-LED business growing so fast, display-makers are figuring out how to outrun their competition.

This is where Quantum Dots converters come into play. Instead of mixing red, blue and green LED chips, Quantum Dots can convert blue into both red and green. This process becomes attractive to display businesses due to significant simplification of the driving circuitry and manufacturing process. Dr. Luo will discuss in detail on the requirements of the Quantum Dot converters for the micro-LED display and current developments status of the Quantum Dot for this application.

More Info and to register for the conference visit: http://seminar.trendforce.com/Ledforum/2017/US/index/