What's a Quantum Dot? In 60 seconds or less...

With the ability to precisely tune and convert the spectrum of light, Quantum Dots are perfect for UltraHD displays. Now that Quantum Dot TVs are popping up on store shelves around the world, consumers are beginning to wonder what this new technology is all about. 

Quantum Dots are an example of cutting-edge nanotechnology. It's a topic that can be tough to explain since most of us are not experts in quantum mechanics and this is not something we typically learn about in high school chemistry.

A group of students at Western Carolina University took on the challenge of explaining how this exciting new technology works in just 60 seconds. It's worth a watch and you might just learn something new about your next TV!

Hope the video helped clear things up a bit. For more information, please visit our HOW IT WORKS page for more in depth info on Quantum Dots work and how they are changing the display industry.

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