Small Wonders In Flat Screens: How Nanoscience Is Shaping The Future Of Television

Pultizer-nominated business journalist Russ Banham has written up a fantastic, detailed look at the development of Quantum Dot technology for displays, from their discovery in the early 1980's to today's HDR TVs. Nanosys role in developing the technology is at the center of the story. His piece includes great interviews with Nanosys CEO, Jason Hartlove, and scientific co-founder Dr. Paul Alivisatos.

The full Samsung-sponsored article can be read at Forbes, here's a snippet:

As a testament to the growing prominence of quantum dot technology, Samsung at CES 2017 unveiled three QLED TVs — a new line of 4K displays based on quantum dots that the company developed in association with Nanosys.

For the past several years, Samsung has been the largest strategic investor in Nanosys and works closely with the California company on research and development...

“Having a TV in your home that can reproduce all of the colors you’d expect to see in a movie theater with a professional-quality projector is pretty amazing,” Hartlove said.

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