Quantum Dot TV Comparison

If you've been looking for the best new HDR TV for your living room, you've probably found yourself clicking through jargon-filled reviews loaded with terms like "OLED," "Quantum Dot," "nits," "color gamut," and "high dynamic range" to name a few. Most consumers don't find themselves using these words every day so it can be tough to know which ones really make a difference to your TV watching experience.

While technical reviews are an important resource, we believe "seeing is believing" when it comes to the image quality. It's always worth a visit to your local showroom to see the difference in person. In the meantime, check out this gallery of images Samsung put together that help explain the impact of the Quantum Dot technology for their new QLED TVs.

For more info on Samsung's Quantum Dot TVs, please visit and read: https://news.samsung.com/

For more info on Quantum Dots, watch this video.