AVS Forum: Nanosys Quantum Dots at DisplayWeek 2017

Scott Wilkinson, writing for AVS Forum, highlights Nanosys announcements at DisplayWeek 2017 including next-generation Photo-Emissive display tech and the company's Component of the Year Award for Hyperion Quantum Dots:

One of the booths I visited this year was Nanosys, maker of quantum dots and QD films used by Samsung, Vizio, TCL, Hisense, and others in high-end LCD TVs. At CES last January, I wrote about the company’s plan to replace the tiny red and green color filters in LCD TVs with red and green quantum dots. Light from blue LEDs in the backlight stimulate the QDs to glow red or green, and the amount of light emitted by each subpixel is modulated by the LCD shutter associated with that subpixel.