SID Display Week 2017 Los Angeles

Display Week will be held at Los Angeles Convention Center

Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles is just two weeks away!

As you plan your attendance be sure not to miss out on the latest Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys at events throughout the week and stop by our booth (#321) to see the latest demos in person.

If you haven't signed-up to attend yet be sure to use our discount code: 4URBGaG to get a FREE exhibitor's pass.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Nanosys at DisplayWeek

  1. Award Winning Hyperion Quantum Dots – See the SID's 2017 Component of the Year in person at the Nanosys booth. This new, hybrid Quantum Dot material brings BT.2020 color to TVs with no RoHS exemption needed. Visitors to the booth will see a 65" Hisense ULED TV with Hyperion QDEF made by Hitachi Chemical using Nanosys Quantum Dots.
  2. See the next generation of Quantum Dot technology before it comes to market. Called "Photo-Emissive," our next-gen Quantum Dot color filter replacement technology can improve display power efficiency by 2-3X
  3. Test drive a Lambo! Race fellow conference attendees for a chance to win a QD monitor in our immersive three screen Quantum Dot PC gaming demo (click here for contest rules)

Where to find Nanosys at DisplayWeek 2017

Sunday, May 21

Monday, May 22:

  • 8:00AM: Monday Seminar on Display Manufacturing Technologies moderated by Ray Ma of Nanosys. In this seminar, the current issues and state-of-art technologies of materials, devices, and TFT circuits based on oxide TFTs will be reviewed, focusing on the application to displays such as mobile devices and TVs.
  • 3:40PM: DSCC Business Conference Presentation - Jason Hartlove, President & CEO of Nanosys, will give a presentation on the present and future of Quantum Dot technology for displays.

Tuesday, May 23:

  • 2:55PM: Stifel Investor’s Conference - Jason Hartlove, President & CEO of Nanosys, will join Session III on innovations driving established and emerging display technology markets.

Wednesday, May 24

Thursday, May 25

  • 3:10PM: Technical Symposium - Dr. Charlie Hotz, Vice President of Research & Development, will give a presentation to accompany Nanosys invited paper on Ambient Processing of Quantum Dot Photoresist for Emissive Displays. Look for Dr. Hotz talk in room 502B at the convention center.

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