Nanosys to Present at Yole MicroLED Display TechDay

Come join Heejae Kim, Ph.D, Nanosys Marketing and Business Development Director at MicroLED Display TechDay in San Jose on June 27 at 5:15PM. Dr. Kim will discuss in detail the requirements for quantum dot color converters for micro-LED display and the current development status of quantum dots for this application.

Micro-LED display has been getting a lot of attention in the last couple years due to its potential to deliver high peak brightness while consuming significantly less power than any of the existing display solutions. However, current monolithic and heterogenous microLED manufacturing methods are not cost effective for mass-market devices. Could Quantum Dots offer a color conversion solution that accelerates microLED adoption? Come find out at the event.

Other Conference Topics:

  • Large area, high-quality GaN and GaAs engineered EPI substrates for high yield Micro-LED processes
  • Using a laser to place known good die at 100 million units/hour
  • Emissive Displays with Transfer-Printed Microscale Inorganic LEDs
  • Micro-LED Microdisplays by Integration of III-V LEDs with Silicon TFTs
  • Silicon Backplanes Enabling the Future of MicroLED Displays

Ticket fees are $120 USD, including sessions and coffee break. Registrations are open HERE.
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