Yole Développement: Quantum Dot Displays Set to Lead Wide Colour Gamut TV Market

According to Yole Développement, Quantum Dot TVs are set to dominate and lead the wide color gamut TV market. Driven by the availability of high volume QD production from Nanosys and it's extended supply chain, TV makers can rapidly adopt the benefits of Quantum Dots

"With the rapidly improving performance and decreasing cost of quantum dots, enhanced LCD displays will be able to take advantage of an upcoming window of limited production for organic LED (OLED) displays – the other main contender capable of delivering wide colour gamut and high dynamic range – and become widely adopted in mid-high range television displays, thus capturing the majority of the wide colour gamut TV market.

OLEDs require the building of entire new production facilities to incorporate into televisions, creating high cost and technology barriers that make it challenging for companies to enter OLED television panel production."