InformationDisplay: "The 800-pound Gorilla in the Quantum-Dot Room"

Industry analyst Ken Werner, writing for SID’s InformationDisplay magazine, highlighted Nanosys Quantum Dot technology leadership in a review of exciting emissive display technology from the 2018 DisplayWeek show in Los Angeles. According to Ken,

“If you buy a quantum-dot or QD-enhanced LCD TV, it will have quantum dots made by or licensed by Nanosys. There are other quantum-dot companies operating in this industry – but for some reason those dots don’t appear in products any of us buy.

In its booth, Nanosys showed technology demos that included one for ink-jetted QD matrices to replace the matrix color filters used in current LCDs. Another showed early- stage electroluminescent QDs.

Also shown in the booth, and new to me… the Vizio P Series Quantum TV with Nanosys’s Hyperion QD film and 192 full-array local dimming zones delivered an impressive image.”