Vizio Launches an All-New Quantum Dot TV for 2018

Vizio just announced one of the best, and brightest, Quantum Dot TVs of 2018. According to Vizio, their all-new P-Series Quantum flagship delivers an incredible 2,000 nits of peak luminance and truly cinematic color thanks in part to the Quantum Dot technology inside.

Vizio P Quantum Dot Nanosys

We're always excited to see great new Quantum Dot products hit the market so we've rounded up some of the most notable excerpts from the first Vizio P-Series Quantum reviews below.

  • CNET's David Katzmaier said the "New Quantum P-series ($2,200, 65-inch only) looks like a possible LCD PQ champ."
  • BGR's Jacob Siegal said, "Without question, Vizio’s P-Series Quantum is the star of the show this year."
  • According to DigitalTrends' Kris Wouk"the new P-Series Quantum, a quantum dot TV that looks like the biggest upgrade to Vizio’s P-Series in years."
  • The Verge's Chris Welch said, "...the P-Series Quantum is the company’s brightest TV yet and reaches peak brightness of 2,000 nits. That should make things like fire, explosions, and other HDR goodness really pop"
  • Over at TechRadarNick Pino compared the new P-Series to other Quantum Dot TVs on the market, "Said simply, if there’s ever been a discount challenger to Samsung’s quantum dot dominance, this is it... Vizio’s flagship packs up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness, 192 zones of local dimming and advanced quantum dot technology inside every P-Series Quantum screen."
  • ARS Technica's Jeff Dunn"Vizio takes on LG’s OLEDs with a super-bright quantum dot TV"