DisplayWeek 2018 Review

The SID's DisplayWeek 2018 trade show is a wrap! It was a busy week for Nanosys with five featured presentations, several new technology demonstrations and a number of great new QD devices on display. In case you were not able to make it to Los Angeles we've pulled together a review of all the best Quantum Dot moments from last week's show.

TL;DR: Video Walkthrough

Here's a quick walkthrough video from the show, highlighting Nanosys Quantum Dot technology at DisplayWeek 2018 in Los Angeles. Be sure to keep scrolling for videos of full presentations and galleries of all our favorite demos...

Nanosys Presentations

This year we kicked off DisplayWeek week with two presentations on Monday including a 75 minute Monday Seminar lecture lead by Nanosys Vice President of R&D, Dr. Charlie Hotz, and a DSCC Business Conference presentation by Nanosys Vice President of Sales & Marketing Russell Kempt. 

Dr. Hotz's lecture covered a broad overview of Quantum Dots from their initial discovery, to current implementations through our full technology roadmap. Basically, everything you've ever wanted to know about Quantum Dots in one place. You can watch the whole thing here or via our YouTube channel. Grab some popcorn and settle in though because it's almost movie-length at about 75 minutes long!

Dr. Charlie Hotz, Nanosys Vice President of Research and Development, speaking at the 2018 DisplayWeek Monday Seminar on Quantum Dots

Later on Monday, Russell Kempt gave an update on the business side for Quantum Dot technology and Nanosys. His talk included updates on Nanosys manufacturing, the transition from Cadmium to 100% Cadmium-Free materials and a look at how Quantum Dots are being used as a platform technology for multiple display technologies including LCD, OLED, microLED and emissive QD.

Nanosys Vice President of Marketing Russell Kempt speaking at the 2018 DSCC DisplayWeek Business Conference

Nanosys also participated in the technical Symposium at DisplayWeek. These sessions, including our invited paper on "Quantum Dot Conversion Layers Through Inkjet Printing," are available to SID members and can be found at SID.org in the May 2018 issue of the SID Symposium Digest. Recordings of these presentations should also be available through SID within the next couple of months as well.

Quantum Dots on Display

In addition to the talks there were a number of excellent Quantum Dot technology and display demonstrations on the show floor during DisplayWeek. Here is a closer look at our favorites, from Nanosys' booth and beyond.

Hands-on with the future of QD

Take an animated drive through Nanosys Quantum Dot technology roadmap from QDEF to QDEL.

Visitors to the Nanosys booth at DisplayWeek went hands-on with the future of Quantum Dot technology. There were updates to share across the entire Quantum Dot roadmap. Here are the highlights:

  • Quantum Dots are the technology platform for all future displays. Our Quantum Dot technology improves displays of all types from LCDs to OLEDs to microLEDs to pure, emissive QDEL displays. Take a drive through our above roadmap animation video for a closer look at the implementation details and benefits for each of these architectures. You can also download a digital copy of our Quantum Dot technology roadmap here.
  • Now sampling: Ink Jet Printed QDCC. Nanosys electronic inks partner, DIC Global, is now sampling Quantum Dot inks based on our 100% Cadmium Free materials for color conversion in LCDs, microLEDs and OLEDs.
  • Electro Emissive QDEL Milestone. Nanosys publicly demonstrated red, green and blue emissive Quantum Dot pixels for the first time. Efficiency for all three colors is now above 10%.
  • Nanosys roadmap is 100% Cadmium Free. Nanosys 100% Cadmium Free materials now match the efficiency of our Cadmium-containing materials. 

QLED vs OLED Shootout 

Regular attendees may remember that first Nanosys ran a QLED vs OLED shootout at DisplayWeek in 2016. Quite a lot has changed for both technologies over the last two years so this year's show seemed like a perfect time for an update.

QLED vs OLED shootout at Nanosys DisplayWeek 2018 booth

To make the shootout as fair as possible both TVs were set-up in "Movie" or "Cinema" mode and driven from the same content source via a splitter. The TVs were purchased the week before the show and no special calibration was done on either one.

The 2018 Samsung Q9F QLED TV, pictured at right above, produces well over 2,000 nits of peak luminance with pure, RGB light. The result is natural, accurate colors across the entire DCI-P3 color volume. The OLED set we used for comparison produces a peak luminance of just 733 nits of white light.  Because this set relies on an RGB plus White pixel layout, it cannot achieve accurate luminance and color at the same time for bright colors.

Visitors to the booth noted that colors on the QLED appeared brighter and more natural. Additionally, the QLED set showed no signs of burn-in after running for the duration of the exhibition.

Vizio P-Series Quantum

Vizio P Series Quantum featuring Nanosys Quantum Dot technology at DisplayWeek 2018

Nanosys showed-off the soon-to-be-released 2018 Vizio P Series Quantum TV at our booth. One of the highlights of the show, this new 65" TV features Nanosys Quantum Dot technology for >98% DCI-P3 color and >2,000 nits peak luminance. Black levels are inky with a high resolution FALD backlight. 

We borrowed this set from Vizio for the week and can't wait to get our hands on one when they are released to the public soon. Look for the Vizio P Quantum in stores this summer!

Other highlights: QDOG, HDR Gaming and BT.2020 Color

Quantum Dot demonstrations at DisplayWeek were not just limited to the Nanosys booth. Some of the world's top display makers showed off what they can do with the technology too. The below gallery contains a few of our favorites:

See you next year in San Jose

Whew, that about covers it. It was another awesome week for us and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year in San Jose at booth #1428!