Vizio P-Series Quantum Review Round Up

Vizio P Series Quantum Quantum Dot TV

Vizio's beautiful flagship Quantum Dot TV, the P-Series Quantum is on sale now at Costco for only $1,499.99. One of the most exciting TV products of 2018 is now available at a breakthrough price. We've rounded up some of the most notable excerpts from industry experts for the Vizio P-Series Quantum below.

Simply put, this TV is incredible, and what Vizio has achieved is astounding. The Quantum competes with, and even excels beyond, some of the priciest TVs we’ve ever tested.
— Lee Neikirk,
The Vizio P Series Quantum is an excellent LED LCD TV, especially when viewed in a dark room. It has great picture quality in both SDR and HDR thanks to the wide color gamut, very high peak brightness, and great local dimming feature.
The Vizio PQ65-F1 is the best-looking LCD TV we have seen to date, producing blacks that come the closest to what an OLED TV can do, as well as the brightest HDR highlights we have measured in any TV.
— Chris Heinonen, Wirecutter
Vizio is taking the fight to OLED with its all new P-Series Quantum - a premium flagship TV that is, without question, the best display Vizio has ever built.
— Linda Moskowitz, Tech Radar
If LED-LCD sets are dying, no one gave the biggest TV manufacturers in the world the memo - in fact, if this keeps up, 2018 might just be the year LED-LCD manages to outshine OLED.
— Nick Pino, Tech Radar