Nanosys at 2019 OLED Korea

Join Dr. Nahyoung Kim, Nanosys Senior Scientists, at OLED Korea to learn about the technology roadmap of Quantum Dots and how Quantum Dots can help simplify the manufacturing process of OLEDs in order to reduce cost while improving color and viewing angle performance.

Event Details:

  1. Time & Date: Wed, Mar 6, 2019 9:00 AM - Thu, Mar 7, 2019 5:00 PM

  2. Location: The K-Hotel Hotel


Quantum Dots: Technology Platform for Future Displays


Quantum Dots are changing the way displays are made. Today, this unique nanomaterial is perfecting LCD displays, enabling a new generation of brighter, more efficient televisions with lifelike colors. This has given LCD technology an important edge as it battles new TV display entrants such as WOLED.

What’s next for this novel nanotechnology? This talk looks at how quantum dots are the future technology platform for displays including their evolving use in LCD displays, as well as how they enhance and are being used in OLEDs and micro-LED displays, and how they are being developed as emitter materials for future printable electroluminescent displays.

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About Dr. Nahyoung Kim:

Dr. Nahyoung Kim received his BS and MS from Seoul National University in Korea and Ph.D from University of Minnesota, twin cities. Prior to Joining Nanosys in 2017, he worked for Samsung for 9 years as Principal scientist. At Samsung, his area of work included nanomaterials and polymer for imaging applications. He has won several awards including the Presidential prize from the Korea government for his achievement in nanomaterials development. Prior to Samsung, he has worked in bio-imaging using Quantum Dots since 2001.