Vizio M-Series Review Round Up

Vizio’s gone all-in on Quantum Dots in 2019 and their latest model to feature the technology, the M-series Quantum, just hit the market earlier this month. The first batch of reviews are rolling in and reviewers seem to like the great color and awesome value this set offers. We’ve summed up some of the highlights from those reviews for you below.

Quantum dots, meanwhile, allow the M-Series to achieve better HDR color. The TV delivered a comparable color gamut to more-expensive QD-equipped TVs, such as Samsung’s QLEDs, in my measurements.
— David Katzmaier, CNET
Tech Radar.png
Quantum dots, for those who missed their explosion onto the scene a few years ago, allow for a wider color gamut along with increased local dimming zones for the top of the line M-Series models - and is usually found in screens that cost twice as much.
— Linda Moskowitz, Tech Radar
With a combination of quantum dots to boost brightness and color and full array local dimming for deeper blacks and brighter brights, the M-Series Quantum delivers some really outstanding performance for a set that sells for less than $1,000.
— Brian Westover, Tom's guide