DisplayDaily– 8K TV: More than just pixels

Ken Werner, writing for DisplayDaily about the recent 8K Display Summit 2019 in New York City. The event featured presentations and demonstrations that showed the potential for 8K to deliver more lifelike experiences. Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove presented along with Cinematographer Phil Holland, who recently collaborated with Nanosys on our short film “Quantum Flows”. Ken’s long piece includes a number of great quotes from image quality and display technology experts in attendance and is well worth a read.

Holland created the short film "Quantum Flows" with Nanosys for introduction at this conference, which was shown on a Samsung Q900 TV in the demo space. The film shows viscous quantum-dot inks dripping, flowing, and performing a variety of tricks limited only by Holland's imagination. Nanosys provided air-stable quantum dots with BT.2020 color coordinates, which makes the film an excellent test vehicle for color volume. You can see the film at https://youtu.be/sKFMgVfh2eM, but it won't look the way Holland intended if you don't have a high-color-volume display.