WhatHifi? Reviews the 8K Display Summit

The recent 8K Display Summit featured presentations from a broad range of 8K ecosystem participants including film makers, camera makers, display technology companies, human vision research, codec developers, and more. Almost too much information to process in one day! Fortunately, Joe Cox of WhatHifi? put together a great, super detailed breakdown of all the presentations from the event.

The piece features notes from just about every presentation, including Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove’s talk on how recent Quantum Dot innovations are helping to enable the 8K display market:

“But what about the screen manufacturers? Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys, is in charge at the company responsible for Samsung's Quantum Dot display technology. He too, is fully on board with 8K – and already part of the 8K production chain. He raised the point that the 8K benefit isn't just more pixels, but better pixels. The logic? The pixels need to shrink to fit them all on the screen, but transistors can't. This means that less light makes it through the panel, so pixels would have to become more efficient. Improvements to TV tech such as this are a necessary by-product of 8K resolution panels.”

Worth a read if you're interested in where 8K is headed.