Lux Research: Nanosys anticipates more demand for its QD materials from display manufacturers

Lux Research Senior Analyst Vladimir Roznyatovskiy profiled Nanosys in a recent note:

“Nanosys recently announced that it has completed its facility expansion to scale capacity of up to 50 tons annual QD production. We recently spoke with Nanosys, and given the company's trajectory, we can firmly attribute its leadership in the field to the timely and apt execution of R&D efforts and delivering the best-performing color converting materials for the needs of display manufactures. As QLED TV panel adoption ramps up – hence the capacity expansion – the focus is shifting to other emerging applications, such as electroluminescent QDs, light engineering in agribusiness, and medical applications. With the knowledge, tools, and funds acquired from its QLED business success, the company will likely continue its innovative march ahead.”