HDTV Test: Do 4K Blu-ray Discs Contain Colours Outside DCI-P3?

Do 4K Blu-ray discs contain any colors outside the DCI-P3 color gamut? TV reviewer and professional calibrator Vincent Teoh wanted to find out if there are any examples of Hollywood-produced content that take advantage of the full BT.2020 color gamut capabilities of the UHD Blu Ray format. Using the out-of-gamut color mode on the Sony HX310, he went looking for “zebra stripes” (a warning that the content falls outside of the monitor’s DCI-P3 gamut) in popular content.

The results may suprise you.

Movies such as “Into the Spiderverse,” “Lego Batman” and “Planet Earth II,” all contained a significant amount of true rec.2020 colors that fall outside the DCI-P3 gamut. According to Teoh, “So, to conclude, yes, greater-than-P3 data does exist on Ultra HD blu-ray discs. Even though not all movies go outside P3, to accurately reproduce the creator's intent, display manufacturers should strive to reach rec.2020 color gamut through technologies such as quantum dot and narrower color filters, rather than just stop at DCI-P3. With this in mind, we will strongly consider adding rec.2020 color gamut coverage to all our TV reviews in the future.”