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Nanosys Quantum Dot Enhancement Film wins 5th Consecutive award at SID DisplayWeek with another "Best In Show"

Nanosys also won an award in the small-exhibit category for its quantum-dot TVs.  Nanosys’s Display Week demonstration included three matched 65-in. UHD TVs (Fig. 6).  Each of the sets used the same color filters, underlying LEDs and direct-lit backlight structures.  They were also driven at the same settings from the same content.  The only difference was in the phosphor used to create white light in the backlight.  These were: conventional white LEDs, Nanosys’s Quantum-Dot-Enhancement Film, and Nanosys’ Cadmium-Free Quantum-Dot- Enhancement Film.  The differences in color performance without noticeable brightness loss were striking.  Rec.2020 color-gamut coverage ranged from <60% for the white LED set to ~75% for the set with cadmium-free quantum dots to >90% for the set with quantum dots.  This demonstration showed that cadmium-based quantum dots have a significant performance advantage over other phosphor materials and that Rec.2020 is achievable today. •

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Nanosys QDEF Named for Best In Show Award at SID 2011

Nanosys, RealD and Samsung Recognized as Standout Exhibitor Products and Technologies

CAMPBELL, Calif., May 18, 2011-- The Society for Information Display (SID), the leading global organization dedicated to the advancement of electronic display technology, today announced the winners of the first-ever Display Week Best in Show awards.  These awards were created to highlight the most significant new products and technologies showcased on the exhibit floor during the 49th annual SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, currently underway this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  The Best in Show awards are being presented today during the annual SID luncheon at Display Week 2011, where the winners of the venerable Display of the Year awards are also being honored.

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