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HDTV Test: Do 4K Blu-ray Discs Contain Colours Outside DCI-P3?

TV reviewer and professional calibrator Vincent Teoh wanted to find out if there are any examples of Hollywood-produced content that take advantage of the full BT.2020 color gamut capabilities of the UHD Blu Ray format. Using the out-of-gamut color mode on the Sony HX310, he went looking for “zebra stripes” (a warning that the content falls outside of the monitor’s DCI-P3 gamut) in popular content.

The results may suprise you.

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Tour Nanosys' 2019 SID Booth with Charbax

In case you missed it, Charbax has just posted a super detailed walk-through the Nanosys SID DisplayWeek 2019 booth featuring interviews with Jim Ninesling, Hisense USA’s Head of Marketing, Nanosys Marketing VP, Russell Kempt, and some of 2019's hottest Quantum Dot displays! Including the Hisense ULED XD Dual Cell prototype, Vizio's P Quantum X, HP's Omen Emperium and the world's first QDOG display... there was a lot to cover and he managed to get it all in in under 25 minutes! 

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Video: Nanosys 2019 Quantum Dots Forum Keynote Address

In case you missed it, we’ve just posted a video of Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove’s entire keynote Presentation at this year's co-located Quantum Dots Forum & Phosphor Global Summit. His talk covered advancements in next generation quantum dot technology, emerging innovations, and shared opportunities that could benefit the entire opto-electronic industry. Hartlove also showed Nanosys’ first public demonstration of a printed, flexible, heavy metal free emissive Quantum Dot display.

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