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QLED Out-shines OLED in CES Automotive Display Demo

Ken Werner, writing for DisplayDaily, talks about Harman's new innovative use of quantum dot displays for high end automotive applications. In a CES 2018 demonstration, a QLED quantum dot display was paired with an OLED display inside a dark Maserati and the QLED display with local dimming did not show any sign of visual mismatch against the OLED. 

"Rashmi Rao, Harman Senior Director of Advanced Systems and User Experience, explained that for a high-end car like the Maserati, Harman selected the best-performing display technology for the critical instrument cluster, while the large QLED display still offers very good performance at a significantly lower cost than OLED. Rao commented that the QLED does a good job of integrating visually with the OLED. A conventional LCD would present an obvious visual mismatch with the OLED. The system in the Maserati was fully functional but is not yet in a shipping automobile."

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