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OLED shows Apparent Burn-in Issue in just 5 Weeks from RTings’ Comparison Test

During the end of August this year, RTings analysts have begun a burn-in test on 3 different TV panels. The tested subjects were the OLED LG B6, the VA Samsung KU6300 and the IPS LG UJ6300. It was a side by side comparison where the TV was playing a 5.5-hour loop for 20 hours a day with the RTings logo projected on the corners. As you can see on their pictures and test results, in just two weeks, the OLED LG B6 was already showing mild permanent image retention on some of the colors and by week five, the OLED's burn in issue has become apparent.

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Business Korea: Samsung Electronics Expands 10-Year Warranty for Burn-in on QLED TV Screens

Michael Herh from Business Korea talks about Samsung's confidence in Quantum Dots' durability as they extend their warranty on the QLED series for burn ins to 10 years worldwide.

"Quantum dot-based QLED TVs are very durable and extremely unlikely to show burn-in." said a representative of Samsung Electronics. "With strong confidence in QLED TV's product performance, we are offering a 10-year warranty for our QLED TVs around the world."

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