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Intel Launches 10th-gen processors with Native BT.2020 Color Gamut support

Intel has just launched its 10th generation of processors. Dubbed “Ice Lake”, the new chips are company’s first to use a 10nm process which will enable them to be more powerful and energy efficient. Most interesting to followers of Quantum Dot and display technology though, are the updates to the “Iris” graphics SoC that accompanies the new CPUs.

Intel says the latest Iris system doubles performance and includes native support for the BT.2020 color gamut, enabling playback of 4K HDR content with over 1 billion colors.

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Wired: The Colorful Science of Why Fireworks Look Bad on TV

Author Adam Rogers recently wrote up a great piece for Wired on why today’s TV struggle to reproduce the super saturated, colorful experience of a fireworks show. It turns out that even the massive BT.2020 color gamut, which covers 75% of the colors the human eye can detect, is not quite large enough to reproduce the vivid colors of a fireworks show. The piece also references Nanosys’ 2018 blog post on the same topic

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Blog: What is the “Color Gamut” of a Fireworks Show?

Ever wonder why fireworks look so much better in person than on your TV? Guest blogger Allison Harn explains why fireworks are so vivid with a bit of chemistry and color science.

It turns out that many of the super saturated colors of a fireworks show fall well outside the even the massive UltraHD BT.2020 color gamut. It's great example of the kind of experiences that are possible as we push displays closer to reproducing the full capability of the human visual system. In the meantime, it's also a great reminder to leave your TV behind and get outside this Wednesday to see some fireworks in person! 

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Nanosys on Comcast Bay Area's Advanced Broadcast Tech Show

Jeff Yurek, Nanosys Director of Marketing, recently joined Comcast Bay Area's Advanced Broadcast Technology show to give a talk on Quantum Dots and metrology for wide color gamut displays. Why does Wide Color Gamut matter? Jeff analyses a mechanism of Color and the Human Visual System and talks about measuring color for displays. 

The whole episode is now available on YouTube in case you missed it.

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3M Announces Rec. 2020 Readiness at Display Week 2015

3M Display Materials and Systems Division announced the company has developed technology solutions addressing the Rec. 2020 standard for color enhanced UHD displays at SID Display Week. In San Jose, Calif., 3M is showcasing flat panel displays of all sizes with up to 93.7 percent Rec. 2020 color gamut, one of the largest known color gamuts in any display, in an otherwise commercially available 4K LCD monitor.

“Rec. 2020 color performance was thought to be in the distant future, but with the addition of Quantum Dot technology and the 3M Quantum Dot Enhancement Film, this performance is available today,” said James Thielen, 3M Product Development Specialist and SID Display Week symposium speaker.

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