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What Does the Future of TV Tech Look Like?

The annual CE Week TV Shootout is right around the corner. As a preview to that event Rob Scott at Dealerscope met up with display calibration expert Kevin Miller to talk TV tech trends. Quantum dots were part of the conversation of course:

"As far as a new innovative display technology is concerned, the next big development in LCD display technology is Photo Emissive LCD using Quantum Dots. The Blue backlight shines through the LCD panels to stimulate Red and Green Quantum Dots that then create the Red, Green, and Blue light, which eliminates color filters, and should improve off angle viewing, and dramatically increase energy efficiency... There is one very interesting display technology that companies like Nanosys are working on called Electro luminescent (Electro Emissive), which has great potential, because it will eliminate the LCD panels." 

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DSCC Releases Free White Paper: on OLEDs or Quantum Dots, Which Technology Will Dominate the TV Market of the Future – OLEDs or Quantum Dots?

AUSTIN, TEXAS, January 3, 2017 - Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has released a new White Paper that examines which technology will win the battle for the TV market which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total display area being produced of the future – OLEDs or Quantum Dots. The TV market alone accounts for around 70% of the total display area being produced each year and, therefore, has a significant impact on the success of emerging display technologies. Sponsored by Nanosys, the leader in Quantum Dot sCompany, and but independently authored by DSCC’s experienced analysts, the White Paper examines the outlook for each technology from a performance, capacity and cost basis through 2021. It also provides a shipment forecast for OLED and QD TVs by size category.

The 24-page White Paper is available for download by clicking here.

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Electronic Design Q&A Part II: A Look at the State of the TV Display Industry

Part II – Electronic Design's Q&A round table on the state of the TV display industry continues this week with more discussion on Quantum Dots, OLEDs and more from industry experts.

Kim: What technologies have the potential to drive customers to replace their existing TVs?

Yurek: UHD with HDR is highly compelling. We see quantum dots as the key enabling technology for UHD. Quantum-dot TVs deliver a better experience with more of the features that consumers care most about, like high peak luminance and wide color gamut, at a much lower cost than the alternatives. This is because quantum-dot technology is able to leverage all of the existing LCD capex—more than $180 billion—without requiring any changes to the manufacturing process. This makes it very easy to deploy at mainstream scale, so we see quantum dots playing a significant role in UHD TV as the market takes off.

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