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MicroLED: Emerging as a Next Generation Display Technology

Analyst Sweta Dash of Dash-Insights, writing for DisplayDaily on microLED progress, highlights Nanosys work to develop a heavy metal free Quantum Dot Color Conversion solution for microLED manufacturing challenges:

“Many companies are also working within the MicroLED display supply chain to resolve manufacturing issues, improve yields and reduce costs to enable volume productions for consumer products. There are still many challenges to be solved. Can MicroLED compete with LCD and OLED? …

Quantum dot layers can help in the manufacturing process. Nanosys has demonstrated a photo lithography-patterned cadmium free color conversion layer for MicroLED.”

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Quantum Dot coming to LCD’s rescue

Analyst Sweta Dash, writing for DisplayDaily on next generation TV trends, highlights Quantum Dot technology’s potential to disrupt and enhance several different display technology architectures.

Quantum Dot (QD) display technology has the potential to be a disruptive force to enable next generation LCD, MicroLED and OLED… With massive larger size LCD capacity coming, quantum dot can come to the rescue by providing ultra high brightness, super wide color gamut and differentiating product to boost TV replacement demand.

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DisplayDaily: HDR PC Monitor Market Coming

Chris Chinnock, writing for DisplayDaily, looks at how HDR is not only establishing itself in the TV market but now also the PC monitor market. Multiple technologies are coming together to make this happen. On the software side, emerging support for Nvidia's G-Sync HDR and AMD's FreeSync 2 technologies have helped to fix the problems of the poor support of HDR by Windows 10. At the same time, Quantum Dot technology is enabling a majority of HDR monitors on the market today to deliver a great experience with rich color and high brightness.

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DisplayDaily: Next Step for Quantum Dots

Ken Werner, writing for DisplayDaily on his visit to the Nanosys booth at DisplayWeek

In their booth on the floor of the Society for Information Display's Display Week at the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday, some of the folks at quantum-dot-maker Nanosys seemed almost giddy. Samsung's 2017 QLED TV sets, which use Nanosys-licensed QD technology, are a significant critical success, and the company's Hyperion QD technology, which was featured in the booth, is in TV sets from Hisense, TCL and others that should be on the market early next year at prices that should perhaps half that of Samsung's 2017 QLED sets...

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DisplayDaily: New White Paper Discusses QD vs. OLED TV Battle

Chris Chinnock, writing for DisplayDaily:

A new white paper from Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) provides an analysis of quantum dot (QD) TVs vs. OLED TVs. It discusses the technology trends of the two but adds some unique perspective on the manufacturing capabilities of the two technologies – which can indeed be a determining factor in establishing a leadership position. The paper also provides a forecast...

Clearly, this group does not see a big change in the percentage of OLED TVs going forward, but a big change in QD-enabled TVs.

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CES Preview: Samsung QD TVs Could be a Game Changer

Chris Chinnock, writing for DisplayDaily:

Samsung has not officially revealed any details about it TV plans for 2017, which they will unveil at CES.  But a news story in the ET Times of Korea and some info from other sources suggests the company’s new TVs will offer some impressive gains.  So impressive, I suspect their performance will be one of the hot topics of discussion at CES.

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Ken Werner provides a display update from CEWeek

DisplayDaily's Ken Werner goes looking for DisplayNews at CEWeek 2016 and finds Nanosys Quantum Dots amid all the headphones and drones the show is known for!

Nanosys's Jeff Yurek stood in front of a Nanosys quantum-dot enanced Samsung TV and another company's OLED enthusiastically explaining the benefits of quantum dots to a member of the press corp who does not go to SID Display Week and made no secret of the fact that he was extremely impressed.

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DisplayDaily on Nanosys Hyperion™ Quantum Dots

Industry analyst Chris Chinnock visited Nanosys' booth at SID DisplayWeek and walked away impressed with Hyperion Quantum Dots, Nanosys' RoHS compliant solution for BT.2020 displays: 

Nanosys, for example, has developed a “hybrid” solution they call Hyperion Quantum Dots, which mixes cadmium-free red and cadmium-based green quantum dots into a single film. They showed a side-by-side demo on the show floor with identical TVs and image performance (90+% of BT 2020). (...) This should be a big deal as compliance is a big driver in QD adoption. Mass production is expected in early 2017.

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