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Electro Optics: Quantum Dots Enabling A New Era of Color

As display resolution reaches a point of diminishing returns display makers are turning their focus to wide color gamut and pixel quality as the next step for display development. Matthew Dale of ElectoOptics recently spoke with analyst Eric Virey of Yole Developpment and Nanosys' Jeff Yurek for an update on next generation materials technologies that are enabling a new era in color for displays:

"‘Quantum dots are able to achieve higher peak brightness, lower energy consumption, slightly wider colour gamut and better colour volume [than OLEDs] – the ability to render all the colours perfectly at any level of brightness,’ Virey explained.

This competitive performance, combined with minimal capital investment, an ease of implementation and an upcoming period of constrained manufacturing for OLED televisions, could lead to a dramatic increase in uptake of quantum dot LCD (QLCD/QLED) televisions worldwide in the near future. Yole expects quantum dot televisions to capture the lion’s share of the WCG market over the next five years."

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