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Forbes: HP Goes big on Displays at CES 2019

Patrick Moorhead, writing for Forbes on HPs big display news at CES 2019. The company launched a world’s first QDOG monitor, the Pavilion 27, which will ship in March for $399 along with a massive 65” Quantum Dot gaming “monitor”:

“HP Inc. announced a new slate of immersive displays for its Pavilion laptop line. The one that I’m most excited about is the HP Pavilion 27 Quantum Dot, which I believe is the first Quantum Dot on glass display in the world, featuring a billion plus viewable colors. At 6.5mm wide, it’s the company’s thinnest display to date…”

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Forbes: QLED Not OLED Is The Future Of TV Technology

Forbes contributor John Archer breaks down the numbers behind the current TV Tech War with help from veteran display analyst Ross Young

"Delving deeper into some of the reasons why DSCC sees OLED struggling so much over the next few years, the report states that OLED TV production techniques are lagging significantly behind QLED ones. QLED lines running to the so-called 10.5G specification are estimated to be as much as two years ahead of 10.5G OLED lines - a big deal when you consider that 10.5G lines are optimized for production of the 65-inch and 75-inch screens expected to become an increasingly key part of the TV market in the next few years."

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Forbes: Quantum Dot TV Tech Promises Next-Gen Picture Quality On The Cheap

Short for Ultra LED, ULED claims to combine wide colour gamut and High Dynamic Range-friendly high brightness technologies within a relatively traditional LED panel environment. The ULED sets employ Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) technology from 3M to deliver on their colour promises, as well as proprietary Smart Peaking technology that supposedly boosts the TVs’ black-to-black response time as well as making the brightest parts of the image look brighter...

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