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Nanosys Quantum Dot minus Cadmium, makes it EU friendly

ReTHINK Technology Research looks at Nanosys new Hyperion™ Quantum Dot solution:

Nanosys, one of the oldest US innovators around quantum dot technology, has introduced a new material which it says is a significant breakthrough in reaching the BT.2020 spec for the wider color gamut in TVs, especially in Europe This is a film version of the technology or Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) for laying over LED backlights, to generate intense color when LEDs shine light through them.

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DisplayDaily on Nanosys Hyperion™ Quantum Dots

Industry analyst Chris Chinnock visited Nanosys' booth at SID DisplayWeek and walked away impressed with Hyperion Quantum Dots, Nanosys' RoHS compliant solution for BT.2020 displays: 

Nanosys, for example, has developed a “hybrid” solution they call Hyperion Quantum Dots, which mixes cadmium-free red and cadmium-based green quantum dots into a single film. They showed a side-by-side demo on the show floor with identical TVs and image performance (90+% of BT 2020). (...) This should be a big deal as compliance is a big driver in QD adoption. Mass production is expected in early 2017.

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