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Android Authority: The next quantum (dot) leap for displays

Bob Myers, writing for Android Authority, talks about the promising future of Quantum Dots for displays and how the technology can truly be a quantum leap for the display industry.

"It wouldn’t be at all surprising if quantum-dot displays — both LCD-based and those using QDs as basic emissive elements — become dominant across the electronic display industry in relatively short order. It’s actually quite possible that OLEDs, once hailed as the next big technology, could be bypassed without ever getting close to a majority share in the market.

Truly, a quantum leap for the industry."

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IEEE Spectrum: Your Guide to Television’s Quantum-Dot Future

The latest issue of IEEE Spectrum features an in-depth article, co-authored by Nanosys, on the exciting roadmap for Quantum Dot technology in displays. From enhancing LCDs to microLED integration to low cost, printed and flexible Quantum Dot displays, it's all here:

The future of the television set was supposed to be simple. At some point in the near future, LCDs were supposed to become obsolete and give way to bright, sharp, and incredibly thin OLED displays. It turns out that the near future of TVs isn’t going to be so simple—but it sure is going to be bright.

The reason? Quantum dots.

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IEEE Spectrum: Printing Quantum Dot Displays to be as Cheap as Printing a T-Shirt

Nanosys executives caught up with IEEE Spectrum during the Economist's Future Materials Summit earlier this month for a conversation on the future of printed Quantum Dot displays:

“If we can get the cost of making a display down to $100 per square meter, which is basically the same cost as printing a high-reolution poster or printing a T-shirt, then displays could be everywhere,” said Russell Kempt, vice president of sales and marketing at Nanosys. “That’s our vision and we believe that the quantum dot material is the only material that has the opportunity to achieve this.”

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IEEE: What the heck are Quantum Dots?

It wouldn’t be CES without an attempt to launch the next big thing in TV technology. The next big thing was recently supposed to be OLED TVs. That didn’t work out so well; OLED manufacturing costs haven’t come down as fast as anticipated; yields are still low for large-screen OLEDs and prices are staying high.

The next big thing for 2015, we’ll likely be told at CES, will be the quantum dot TV. Sounds pretty space-agey, for sure. But before you rush to throw out the 3D-4K-LED TV you bought last year, the one you thought was the apex of display technology (or before you ignore the news as just another lame attempt by TV manufacturers to get your attention) let’s demystify this latest “breakthrough.”

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