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Quantum Dot TVs outsold OLEDs in 2018

According to Yohnahp News, more Quantum Dot TVs were sold than OLEDs in 2018. Analysts at research firm IHS expect the trend to continue with Quantum Dot TV sales to continuing to outpace OLEDs and gain more share in the coming years.

“IHS Markit expected the popularity of [Quantum Dots] over OLEDs to continue, with sales of the former reaching 4.17 million this year and rising to 8.47 million by 2021. OLED TV sales were predicted at 3.4 million this year and increasing to 7.1 million in 2021.”

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DisplayDaily: Large TFT Display Market Growth Driven by Size Migration and High End Products

According to the IHS market, the large TFT display market grew significantly in 2017, reaching $63.7 billion in revenue. Thanks to increasing demand for large displays and high end products such as Quantum Dot displays, the market expanded in all three aspects -- unit shipments, area shipments and revenue. Robin Wu, principal analyst at IHS Markit:

"Revenue growth was higher than that of area shipments, which was again bigger than that of unit shipments. This indicates that the display market is moving to larger screens in all applications, and the penetration of high specification products with a higher price tag, such as high resolution, wide viewing angle and slim design panels, has increased.”

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IHS: Quantum Dots Out pacing OLED in Fast-growing Wide Color Gamut Display Market

IHS has a new blog post up on the rapidly growing market for Wide Color Gamut displays. Two technologies, Quantum Dot and OLED are currently competing in the space. According to senior IHS analyst Richard Son, Quantum Dot display shipment area will reach 13.4 million square meters in 2018 or 50% more than total area projected for OLED screens.

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