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Video: Nanosys 2019 Quantum Dots Forum Keynote Address

In case you missed it, we’ve just posted a video of Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove’s entire keynote Presentation at this year's co-located Quantum Dots Forum & Phosphor Global Summit. His talk covered advancements in next generation quantum dot technology, emerging innovations, and shared opportunities that could benefit the entire opto-electronic industry. Hartlove also showed Nanosys’ first public demonstration of a printed, flexible, heavy metal free emissive Quantum Dot display.

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Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove to Present Opening Keynote at the Quantum Dots Forum 2019

MILPITAS, Calif., March 5, 2019 – Jason Hartlove, Chief Executive Officer at Nanosys, Inc., will present the keynote speech at the Smither’s Apex 2019 Quantum Dots Forum to take place on March 20-21 in La Jolla, CA. 

In his keynote address, Mr. Hartlove will discuss the rapid growth of Quantum Dot technology in displays and beyond.  

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Nanosys Is Shedding New Light On The Promising Future Of Quantum Dots

In anticipation of his Keynote Presentation at this year's co-located Quantum Dots Forum & Phosphor Global Summit, Jason Hartlove, President and CEO at Nanosys, offers an exclusive preview of the information that will be shared this March in La Jolla - including advancements in next generation quantum dot technology, emerging innovations, and shared opportunities that could benefit the entire opto-electronic industry.

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DisplayDaily: Next Step for Quantum Dots

Ken Werner, writing for DisplayDaily on his visit to the Nanosys booth at DisplayWeek

In their booth on the floor of the Society for Information Display's Display Week at the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday, some of the folks at quantum-dot-maker Nanosys seemed almost giddy. Samsung's 2017 QLED TV sets, which use Nanosys-licensed QD technology, are a significant critical success, and the company's Hyperion QD technology, which was featured in the booth, is in TV sets from Hisense, TCL and others that should be on the market early next year at prices that should perhaps half that of Samsung's 2017 QLED sets...

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Small Wonders In Flat Screens: How Nanoscience Is Shaping The Future Of Television

Pultizer-nominated business journalist Russ Banham has written up a fantastic, detailed look at the development of Quantum Dot technology for displays, from their discovery in the early 1980's to today's HDR TVs. His piece includes great interviews with Nanosys CEO, Jason Hartlove, and scientific co-founder Dr. Paul Alivisatos. The full article can be read at Forbes BrandVoice and is sponsored by Samsung. Here's a brief snippet:

As a testament to the growing prominence of quantum dot technology, Samsung at CES 2017 unveiled three QLED TVs — a new line of 4K displays based on quantum dots that the company developed in association with Nanosys.

For the past several years, Samsung has been the largest strategic investor in Nanosys and works closely with the California company on research and development...

“Having a TV in your home that can reproduce all of the colors you’d expect to see in a movie theater with a professional-quality projector is pretty amazing,” Hartlove said.

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Hisense Launches Several Quantum Dot TVs with Nanosys technology at CES 2017

Hisense launched several new Quantum Dot TVs at CES 2017 and all of them utilize Nanosys technology for great color and brightness. Hisense featured a display of Nanosys cutting-edge quantum dot materials in their booth on the show floor this year. 

Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove is pictured here alongside a display of brightly glowing Nanosys Quantum Dots and three MU9600 QDTVs (55", 65" and 70").

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Hitachi Chemical announces launch of mass production and sales of quantum dot film for 4K and 8K TVs

Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hisashi Maruyama announces the launch of mass production and sales of quantum dot film, an optical technology that realizes a wider color gamut in liquid crystal display (LCD). 

Since December 2015 Hitachi Chemical has accelerated the development of quantum dot film by introducing the technology of the leading quantum-dot company, Nanosys. This partnership has allowed us to combine Nanosys's quantum dot technology and Hitachi Chemical's strength in polymer science, thus enabling mass production and sales of quantum dot film in about one year after the start of development.

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Samsung Interview with Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove at IFA 2016

Samsung’s exhibition at IFA 2016 showcases how the company is working to redefine the consumer experience. One way is through its new range of Quantum dot SUHD televisions, which offer the ultimate in picture quality, brilliance and energy efficiency.

Nanosys, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of quantum dots and long-time partner of Samsung, has played an integral role in accelerating the development of nano-architected materials for these industry-leading displays.

President and CEO of Nanosys, Jason Hartlove, explained during an interview at IFA 2016 how quantum dots are changing the way we experience television.

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DigitalTrends: Samsung says it's latest TV breakthrough outshines OLED

DigitalTrends just posted an in-depth look at how Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys and Samsung is about to change the display industry.

Quantum dots are about to take on a new role, Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove told Digital Trends at the IFA 2016 tradeshow, after revolutionizing LCD TV technology. And it may put OLED TV squarely in Samsung’s cross-hairs.

To appreciate how Samsung’s promising new TV tech will work, however, we first need a primer on how quantum dots currently work in Samsung’s TV lineup...

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HD Guru: Nanosys sheds light on next-gen Quantum Dot displays

Samsung recently brought HD Guru and a group of technology reviewers out to the Nanosys manufacturing operations in Milpitas to meet Jason Hartlove, Nanosys president and CEO, to find out more about what’s going on with his company’s approach to quantum dots and the Samsung/Nanosys plans for new technologies like QLED just ahead of us.

Read our Q&A report with Hartlove after the jump

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CE Daily interview with Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove

Consumer Electronics Daily caught up with Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove at DisplayWeek for a great interview on the current state of Quantum Dot and OLED technologies for TV

“Four years ago, “if you came to one of these conferences, no one talked about wide color gamut,” Hartlove said. “Absolutely no one. Everyone told me I was crazy to even think that wide color gamut was something that people would be interested in. So there we were four years ago, a little voice in the wind, talking about how this was an important attribute.” Instead, back then, “everyone was talking about how OLED’s black level was awesome,” he said. “But fundamentally, that’s not something that matters to people. It’s not so much a question of how our campaign is doing, but it’s a question more of whether or not the thing that we are offering has a value that resonates with people. Fundamentally, we know, a lot of user study, a lot of data that 3M has collected, a lot of data that our other partners have collected, that shows that absolutely people prefer when their set is able to render colors in a more lifelike fashion."

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DisplayDaily on Nanosys Next-Gen Quantum Dot Demo

DisplayDaily's Bob Raikes on Nanosys next-generation Quantum Dot technology, which can replace the color filters in displays, leading to big gains in power efficiency:

Yesterday, I heard that idea again, from Jason Hartlove of Nanosys, which makes quantum dots. The idea was that it was very inefficient to put the QDs into a backlight and then pass that light through a colour filter and throw away at least two thirds of it. Why not put the QDs in the place of the filter and simply use blue for the backlight? That was the idea that I had back in 2013, and that Nanosys is now thinking about.

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Maeil Business News: "On visiting Nanosys, No. 1 provider of future display core technology material"

Maeil Business News, Korea's top daily business publication, recently wrote about a visit to Nanosys headquarters. The original piece linked above is entirely in Korean so we've translated a small snippet here

Nanosys, the global No. 1 provider of quantum dot, is located in Milpitas 10 minutes away by car from San Jose. In an interview, Hartlove CEO explained [...]

"It was thanks to quantum dot technology that Samsung SUHD can produce 1000 nits brightness." [...]

Since last year Samsung launched quantum dot TV, about the half of premium TVs sold in the US market are turning into quantum dot. According to the market research by NPD, Samsung Electronics has 48.5% of '16.1Q sales market share among over 60" UHD TVs. 

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