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Nanosys Featured in SID's InformationDisplay Magazine

Nanosys Quantum Dot technology is featured on the cover of the latest issue of SID’s InformationDisplay magazine as part of a look at the wave of display innovation at SID’s DisplayWeek 2019 conference. The article, written by Ken Werner, covers some of the award-winning demonstrations from the show.

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Tour Nanosys' 2019 SID Booth with Charbax

In case you missed it, Charbax has just posted a super detailed walk-through the Nanosys SID DisplayWeek 2019 booth featuring interviews with Jim Ninesling, Hisense USA’s Head of Marketing, Nanosys Marketing VP, Russell Kempt, and some of 2019's hottest Quantum Dot displays! Including the Hisense ULED XD Dual Cell prototype, Vizio's P Quantum X, HP's Omen Emperium and the world's first QDOG display... there was a lot to cover and he managed to get it all in in under 25 minutes! 

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Nanosys on Comcast Bay Area's Advanced Broadcast Tech Show

Jeff Yurek, Nanosys Director of Marketing, recently joined Comcast Bay Area's Advanced Broadcast Technology show to give a talk on Quantum Dots and metrology for wide color gamut displays. Why does Wide Color Gamut matter? Jeff analyses a mechanism of Color and the Human Visual System and talks about measuring color for displays. 

The whole episode is now available on YouTube in case you missed it.

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IEEE Spectrum: Printing Quantum Dot Displays to be as Cheap as Printing a T-Shirt

Nanosys executives caught up with IEEE Spectrum during the Economist's Future Materials Summit earlier this month for a conversation on the future of printed Quantum Dot displays:

“If we can get the cost of making a display down to $100 per square meter, which is basically the same cost as printing a high-reolution poster or printing a T-shirt, then displays could be everywhere,” said Russell Kempt, vice president of sales and marketing at Nanosys. “That’s our vision and we believe that the quantum dot material is the only material that has the opportunity to achieve this.”

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Printed Electronics Now: Quantum Dots Make Gains in the Display Market

Learn about the latest Quantum Dot technology with David Savastano at Printed Electronics Now as he interviews Russell Kempt, Nanosys VP of Sales and Marketing:

There has been a lot of discussions over the years about both flexible displays and the possibility of printing these displays.  Leaders in the quantum dot  field say that both of these scenarios are strong possibilities.

“Quantum dots can absolutely be deployed in flexible displays,” said Nanosys’ Kempt. “In fact, all of the research we are doing today for flexible displays relies on printing techniques. Nanosys is leading the way in the development of EL QD displays. We have already achieved better than 10% external quantum efficiency (EQE) for our blue cadmium free EL-QD emitter materials. This is a key milestone in the development of EL QD displays. For context, the best commercially available blue OLEDs are not much better. However, there is more work to do before EL QD displays are fully commercialized. We expect to see displays in the three- to five-year time frame.”

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Printed Electronics Now: Nanosys Honored for Hyperion Quantum Dot Technology at Display Week

David Savastano, writing for Printed Electronics Now, covers Nanosys' success and growth over the past few years and winning the Component of the Year at SID Display Week for the second time:

"With more than 300 issued or pending patents, Nanosys, Inc. is a key leader in the QD field. Founded in 2001, Nanosys is noted for its Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) technology, which appears in TVs, monitors, tablets and displays. The company operates the world’s largest quantum dot nanomaterials fab, with manufacturing capacity for more than 25 tons of quantum dot materials annually."

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Electronic Design Q&A Part II: A Look at the State of the TV Display Industry

Part II – Electronic Design's Q&A round table on the state of the TV display industry continues this week with more discussion on Quantum Dots, OLEDs and more from industry experts.

Kim: What technologies have the potential to drive customers to replace their existing TVs?

Yurek: UHD with HDR is highly compelling. We see quantum dots as the key enabling technology for UHD. Quantum-dot TVs deliver a better experience with more of the features that consumers care most about, like high peak luminance and wide color gamut, at a much lower cost than the alternatives. This is because quantum-dot technology is able to leverage all of the existing LCD capex—more than $180 billion—without requiring any changes to the manufacturing process. This makes it very easy to deploy at mainstream scale, so we see quantum dots playing a significant role in UHD TV as the market takes off.

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Ken Werner provides a display update from CEWeek

DisplayDaily's Ken Werner goes looking for DisplayNews at CEWeek 2016 and finds Nanosys Quantum Dots amid all the headphones and drones the show is known for!

Nanosys's Jeff Yurek stood in front of a Nanosys quantum-dot enanced Samsung TV and another company's OLED enthusiastically explaining the benefits of quantum dots to a member of the press corp who does not go to SID Display Week and made no secret of the fact that he was extremely impressed.

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TV NewsCheck: Quantum Dot tech may be key to UltraHD success

A new technology known as quantum dots brings within reach affordable, mass market production of 4K Ultra HD television sets that display purer colors and brighter pixels. But QD technology isn’t just for consumers. 

“QD [quantum dot technology] permits an upgrade to LCD without huge investments in new panel fabs,” says Paul Gray an analyst with IHS, formerly DisplaySearch. That in turn means consumers are likely to be able to afford 4K Ultra HD sooner than later.

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