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Nanocrystals in their prime

Research into nanocrystals has recently been translated into the production of commercial devices. In May 2011, the company Nanosys announced a product called the Quantum Dot Enhancement Film6. This is a thin layer of quantum dots that convert the blue light of a GaN light-emitting diode into bright colours and can be used in liquid-crystal displays. Furthermore, the Amazon Kindle uses quantum dot technology for enhanced definition.

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DisplayMate: 2014 Innovative Displays and Display Technologies Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, and Wearable Displays

In 2014 the most significant development for high-end LCDs will be the increased adoption of Quantum Dots by many more manufacturers, which will improve the Color Gamut, Color Accuracy, display power efficiency, brightness and/or the running time on battery for mobile displays.

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