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Quantum Dot TVs outsold OLEDs in 2018

According to Yohnahp News, more Quantum Dot TVs were sold than OLEDs in 2018. Analysts at research firm IHS expect the trend to continue with Quantum Dot TV sales to continuing to outpace OLEDs and gain more share in the coming years.

“IHS Markit expected the popularity of [Quantum Dots] over OLEDs to continue, with sales of the former reaching 4.17 million this year and rising to 8.47 million by 2021. OLED TV sales were predicted at 3.4 million this year and increasing to 7.1 million in 2021.”

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IDTechEx: "Demand for Quantum Dots will increase 20-fold over next decade"

Applications in display panels are now driving the sales of quantum dot materials. According to the IDTechEx forecast, demand for quantum dots will grow from less than 100 kg in 2015 to over 2 metric tons in 2026, which is more than a 20-fold increase. Components for LCD will remain the biggest market segment but other applications will emerge, such as quantum dot LED (QLED), photovoltaic, and sensors.

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IDTechEx: Quantum Dots have potential to disrupt, market worth $11bn by 2026

Quantum dots have the potential to significantly disrupt the display industry. The new report forecasts that quantum dots will enables a market of devices and components worth over $11bn by 2026, with a large chunk of the revenues in display applications. Quantum dots have already made serious inroads in the industry; don't be surprised to find them in your next TV.

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