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CNET: Asus [Quantum Dot] monitor out-specs Apple's Pro Display

Asus just announced a new flagship professional monitor at IFA in Berlin. The display packs a lot of punch with Quantum Dot color, >1600 nits peak luminance and the first ever VESA HDR1400 certification. The high-flying specs have drawn natural comparisons to Apple’s newly launched Pro Display XDR. According to Lori Grunin, writing for CNET…

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Acer Predator X27/ASUS RoG Swift PG27UQ Review Roundup

ASUS and Acer both recently released their new 144hz Quantum Dot Gaming monitor. Both panels are able to deliver an incredible 1,000 nits of peak luminance and lifelike color thanks to the Quantum Dot technology inside. These monitors are among the first products to meet the VESA certified HDR1000 certification.

We're always excited to see great new Quantum Dot products hit the market so we've rounded up some of the most notable excerpts from both monitor reviews below.

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Philips Launches Quantum Dot-Powered "World's First" DisplayHDR 1000 Monitor

Philips just launched the world's first shipping monitor with the DisplayHDR 1000 certification, the Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB. Thanks to the Quantum Dots inside, this 43" monitor delivers 1,000-nits peak brightness with wide color gamut.

According to Anton Shilov, writing for Anandtech, "A major selling point of the display it its Quantum Dot-enhanced backlighting that enables it to cover an above-average 97.6% of the DCI-P3 color gamut as well as 100% of the sRGB color range... Apparently, Philips (just like ASUS, MSI, Samsung,and NVIDIA) believes that demand for large gaming-grade displays is about to skyrocket and it has a product that offers premium features at a moderate price."

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Phillips launches world's first HDR 1000 Certified Monitor

Phillips just launched the world's first monitor with the HDR 1000 Certification. The monitor is able to deliver an incredible 1,000 nits of peak luminance and 97.6% DCI-P3 thanks to the Quantum Dots technology inside. 

New Quantum Dot products hitting the market always excites us so we've summed up some of the comments from different media sources below.

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PC Professionale: ASUS Quantum Dot Monitor Ideal for Professionals

Michele Braga from PC Professionale talks about how the ASUS PA329Q is ideal for graphics professionals, photographers, color grading specialists, gamers and video editors. With Quantum Dots from Nanosys, these monitors are able to produce accurate colors and excellent image quality:

[TRANSLATION]: "A panel with Quantum Dot technology designed for professional graphics. This product from the ProArt line is a good choice for those looking for great color rendering to work on photos and videos.  

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Samsung's massive Quantum Dot Monitor named "Monitor of the Year" by Trusted Reviews

Samsung's ultra-wide 49-inch Quantum Dot Monitor, CHG90, was crowned the Monitor of the Year at the Trusted Reviews Awards 2017. With the help of Nanosys Quantum Dot Technology, Samsung's CHG90 is able to provide vibrant colors and excellent image quality. According to Trusted Reviews:

This huge, ultra-wide 49-inch panel ticks practically every box for gamers, boasting a high-refresh-rate panel running at 144Hz, Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, and a curved design.

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Samsung Just launched A New Line-up of HDR Monitors with QLED technology

These new displays achieve 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and feature Quantum Dot tech developed by Nanosys. Stefan Etienne, writing for TechCrunch on the first impressions of the new displays from E3. :

Samsung is updating its curved gaming monitor lineup with a slew of new technologies. Coming in 27, 31.5 and 49-inch versions, they’re called the C27HG70, C32HG70 and C49HG90, respectively. They blend the best current monitor technologies, into a package that at first glance seems pretty ideal... everyone from enthusiast PC gamers, eSports professionals, to editors and video professionals could have a field day with this gear.

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