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What Does the Future of TV Tech Look Like?

The annual CE Week TV Shootout is right around the corner. As a preview to that event Rob Scott at Dealerscope met up with display calibration expert Kevin Miller to talk TV tech trends. Quantum dots were part of the conversation of course:

"As far as a new innovative display technology is concerned, the next big development in LCD display technology is Photo Emissive LCD using Quantum Dots. The Blue backlight shines through the LCD panels to stimulate Red and Green Quantum Dots that then create the Red, Green, and Blue light, which eliminates color filters, and should improve off angle viewing, and dramatically increase energy efficiency... There is one very interesting display technology that companies like Nanosys are working on called Electro luminescent (Electro Emissive), which has great potential, because it will eliminate the LCD panels." 

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Nanosys Details the Future of Quantum Dots

Chris Chinnock, founder and president of Insight Media, talks about the advancement of Nanosys Quantum Dots in the upcoming years.

"Alternatively, one can consider an ink printing process that is additive and more appropriate for direct-view displays.  The key question here is can you define sub-pixel structures that meet the performance and manufacturing requirements?  Here again, Nanosys, working with partners, claims to be solving this problem.  In their back room, they showed images of 180 x 580 micron printed color filters with embedded quantum dots and a 5 micron thickness that is now very close to meeting manufacturer requirements."

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HD Guru: New Quantum Dot Ultra HDTV Flavors On The Way from Nanosys

At CES, Nanosys announced 25 new products across a host of brands...

Meanwhile, the company also discussed next generation quantum dot solutions, and even demonstrated a forthcoming quantum dot color filter replacement technology for the first time. Nanosys calls this color-filter approach “Photo-Emissive” quantum dots, and it’s poised to revolutionize future generations of LED LCD TVs by allowing existing quantum dot tech “to effectively double the efficiency of an LCD, bringing better benefits to not only LED LCD TVs but to OLED, WOLED or microLED displays as well.

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