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Vizio M-Series Review Round Up

Vizio’s gone all-in on Quantum Dots in 2019 and their latest model to feature the technology, the M-series Quantum, just hit the market earlier this month. The first batch of reviews are rolling in and reviewers seem to like the great color and awesome value this set offers. We’ve summed up some of the highlights from those reviews for you below.

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First of all, we need to mention the quantum dot technology on the Zenbook’s display. This is an extremely unique feature on a laptop and even most 4K TVs don’t include this kind of drastic color augmenting innovation in their screens. This key trait of the Zenbook means the delivery of some excellent, rich dark tones and a more diverse than normal colore coverage with excellent accuracy and vibrancy. In fact, during testing, the Zenbook has delivered 100% sRGB color coverage and even manages 96% AdobeRGB coverage –stats that put it on par with some very high shelf professional 4K monitors for desktop PCs. This is an impressive achievement for a “mere” laptop to reach.

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