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OLEDs, Quantum Dots Make Gains in the Display Market

Printed Electronics Now's Dave Savastano recently caught up with Russell Kempt, Nanosys VP of Sales, for an update on Quantum Dot technology in the TV market:

“More than half of the premium TVs sold in the US over the last 12 months featured quantum dot technology from Nanosys,” said Russell Kempt, VP of sales and marketing for Nanosys. “As the costs of adopting quantum dots have come down it is now becoming possible for set-makers to waterfall the technology across their product lineups. As a result, we’re beginning to see quantum dot technology entering the mainstream market for TVs with several 65” TV products available below $1,500 by the end of this year.”

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IEEE Spectrum: Printing Quantum Dot Displays to be as Cheap as Printing a T-Shirt

Nanosys executives caught up with IEEE Spectrum during the Economist's Future Materials Summit earlier this month for a conversation on the future of printed Quantum Dot displays:

“If we can get the cost of making a display down to $100 per square meter, which is basically the same cost as printing a high-reolution poster or printing a T-shirt, then displays could be everywhere,” said Russell Kempt, vice president of sales and marketing at Nanosys. “That’s our vision and we believe that the quantum dot material is the only material that has the opportunity to achieve this.”

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Printed Electronics Now: Quantum Dots Make Gains in the Display Market

Learn about the latest Quantum Dot technology with David Savastano at Printed Electronics Now as he interviews Russell Kempt, Nanosys VP of Sales and Marketing:

There has been a lot of discussions over the years about both flexible displays and the possibility of printing these displays.  Leaders in the quantum dot  field say that both of these scenarios are strong possibilities.

“Quantum dots can absolutely be deployed in flexible displays,” said Nanosys’ Kempt. “In fact, all of the research we are doing today for flexible displays relies on printing techniques. Nanosys is leading the way in the development of EL QD displays. We have already achieved better than 10% external quantum efficiency (EQE) for our blue cadmium free EL-QD emitter materials. This is a key milestone in the development of EL QD displays. For context, the best commercially available blue OLEDs are not much better. However, there is more work to do before EL QD displays are fully commercialized. We expect to see displays in the three- to five-year time frame.”

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Innovation accelerates as Quantum Dots seek to take over large displays – An interview with Nanosys

According to Yole's analysis adoption of Quantum Dot technology in displays is expected to increase "dramatically to more than 75 million units within the next 5 years"

Yole analysts recently spoke with Russell Kempt, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at Nanosys, the leading independent supplier of quantum dots, on new developments and future prospects at Nanosys as well as global industry trends.

Check out the full interview along with Yole's analysis at Yole's i-micronews site

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