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“That’s freakin’ awesome!”

"Oh, my." "Wow!" "Whoa!." And at least one “That’s freakin’ awesome!” 

Keep in mind, these aren’t high-school kids, but seasoned professional journalists. The combination of HDR's heightened contrast and dynamics and quantum-dot technology elicited the oohs and ahs, not just the extra pixels in the 3840 x 2160 display.

That's the response from a group of tech journalists reacting to the Quantum Dot-powered Samsung SUHD 9800's awesome HDR image quality according to reviewer Jon Jacobi. Continue reading at TechHive for a full break-down of this year's hottest HDR TV.

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Samsung Interview with Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove at IFA 2016

Samsung’s exhibition at IFA 2016 showcases how the company is working to redefine the consumer experience. One way is through its new range of Quantum dot SUHD televisions, which offer the ultimate in picture quality, brilliance and energy efficiency.

Nanosys, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of quantum dots and long-time partner of Samsung, has played an integral role in accelerating the development of nano-architected materials for these industry-leading displays.

President and CEO of Nanosys, Jason Hartlove, explained during an interview at IFA 2016 how quantum dots are changing the way we experience television.

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