Posts tagged TV technology How Electro Quantum Dots Might Crush OLED In 4K TVs & Other Devices

Stephan Jukic from talks about how Nanosys Electro Luminescent Quantum Dots has to potential to crush OLED TVs and other devices.

"Nanosys calls this technology Electro Luminescent Quantum Dot display (ELQD) and it believes that their development will completely disrupt the current television display industry, in which OLED dominates as far as sheer advancement goes.

These new ELQD displays will in fact work a bit like OLED screens in that they won’t require a backlight of any kind but they’ll create a further advantage due to their superior color palette creation ability –to a degree even higher than that achievable by OLED. At the same time, because each QD subpixel inside such screens will be capable of individual activation/deactivation, ELQD screens will deliver the same perfect blacks, pixel-perfect local dimming and wide viewing angles as those achieved by OLED screens today. Another benefit of such pixel luminance efficiency would be lower overall power consumption, since relatively inefficient, broadly luminous LED backlights can (literally) be removed from the picture.

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Quantum Dot TV Comparison

If you've been looking for the best new HDR TV for your living room, you've probably found yourself clicking through jargon-filled reviews loaded with terms like "OLED," "Quantum Dot," "nits," "color gamut," and "high dynamic range" to name a few. Most consumers don't find themselves using these words every day so it can be tough to know which ones really make a difference to your TV watching experience.

While technical reviews are an important resource, we believe "seeing is believing" when it comes to the image quality.

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"It sounds like the name of a Bond movie, and it’s quite possible your next TV will use it"'s Greg Morris explains Quantum Dots, the technology behind the latest trend in TV's:

It sounds like the name of a Bond movie, and it’s quite possible your next TV will use it. And after LG's big event to announce the G4, it's possible your next mobile phone will have it too. None the less, what exactly is a quantum dot, and why should you care about it?

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