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Hisense Launches 4K ULED™ H10 Series Curved Smart TV - 65" Class

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2015 -- Hisense launched their Hisense 4K ULED H10 Series Curved Smart TV - 65" Class at an event held at the Edison Ballroom and hosted by NBC Sports commentator Leigh Diffey. ULED is a game-changing LCD display technology from the Chinese electronics company. 

During the presentation, Hisense made it clear that the ULED TVs were there to compete with the picture quality of OLED TV and SUHD® TV at a lower price...

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Samsung dominates North American UHD TV market with its Quantum Dot SUHD sets featuring tech licensed from Nanosys

Samsung Electronics saw its share in the ultra high-definition (UHD) TV market in North America sit at 53.5 percent as of end-May in terms of sales, according to data from market researcher NPD. Another market researcher, GfK, puts Samsung's share in Europe at 50 percent. 

Samsung's market dominance in the premium TV market, where competition is heating up especially in North America and Europe, comes from brisk sales of its recently launched quantum dot TV, also dubbed the SUHD TV, market observers said.

Samsung has been at the forefront of quantum dot TV production, with an aim to take the lead in the new display technology against global rivals.

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IEEE: What the heck are Quantum Dots?

It wouldn’t be CES without an attempt to launch the next big thing in TV technology. The next big thing was recently supposed to be OLED TVs. That didn’t work out so well; OLED manufacturing costs haven’t come down as fast as anticipated; yields are still low for large-screen OLEDs and prices are staying high.

The next big thing for 2015, we’ll likely be told at CES, will be the quantum dot TV. Sounds pretty space-agey, for sure. But before you rush to throw out the 3D-4K-LED TV you bought last year, the one you thought was the apex of display technology (or before you ignore the news as just another lame attempt by TV manufacturers to get your attention) let’s demystify this latest “breakthrough.”

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Image Science Foundation Unravels 4K: Does Color Trump Resolution?

Taking a step back from all of the 4K enthusiasm is Joel Silver, president of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and one of the A/V industry’s preeminent video experts. For well over a year, Silver has been cautioning installers that there are other fundamentals in place that should take a higher priority than resolution...

Underscoring what is happening in the video world, Silver emphasizes that 4K is just the first part of a new system. “Frankly [4K] is the least impressive part of the roll-out,” he boasts.

According to Silver, the underpublicized part of the impending video industry’s format updates is the expanded color gamut that could become a part of their final specification.

“The 2020 color space (the International Telecommunications Union Radio Communications ITU-R BT.2020 recommendation) is going to be great for laser color space, but it will be difficult for older TVs.”

“Flat-panel TVs will be expensive,” he continues. “The broadcast space already uses [the spec]. I have a 17-inch HP laptop that was part of a venture with DreamWorks and it includes Rec 709 capabilities and the Adobe Color Space that is much better than HD. The laptop also does DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives).”

“I can in a two-minute demo show pictures in three different color spaces. Improvements in color gamut are instantaneously superior to the average viewer. Showing Adobe Color Space over Rec 709 is noticeable. Glancing at 4K, the average person doesn’t see [a noticeable difference] because it is just resolution.”

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