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Vimeo adds Wide Color Gamut video upload capability

As more and more devices and display support HDR, consumers are looking for sources of content that deliver the full HDR experience with wide color gamut and deep contrast. Popular video sharing platform Vimeo has announced that it will be allowing all members to upload HDR videos to the platform and sell those videos through Vimeo On Demand or with a custom subscription-based model. Aside from HDR, Vimeo is also going to support 10-bit video and wide color gamut through the REC. 2020 support.

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Nanosys to Speak at The Economist Future of Materials Summit

Nanosys Quantum Dots are changing the way we make displays. The colorful light-emitting nanocrystals inside popular QLED televisions, are enabling new low-cost printing techniques that will make tomorrow’s ultra-thin, flexible displays possible.

Join Russell Kempt, Vice President of Nanosys at The Economist's Future Materials Summit in Luxembourg on November 14, 2017 to learn more about how Quantum Dots are shaping the future of display technology:


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Must see TV: take a peek inside Nanosys' Silicon Valley Quantum Dot fab with NBC Learn & Dr. Paul Alivisatos

Nanosys scientific co-founder and Director of the Lawerence Berkeley National Lab, Dr. Paul Alivisatos, takes NBC Learn on a tour of Nanosys' Silicon Valley Quantum Dot manufacturing facility. 

Dr Alivisatos, who recently received the 2016 National Medal of Science, talks with NBC reporter Kate Snow about how this amazing nanotechnology that he helped pioneer is changing the way our TVs work today... The section on Nanosys begins at 2:16 - enjoy!

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