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Insight Media Releases Technical White Paper on Quantum Dot Technology

“Quantum dots are amazing materials with potential we are just beginning to explore,” noted Chris Chinnock, president and founder of Insight Media.  “This white paper profiles the great opportunity that quantum dots offer in displays, especially as displays stretch their color capabilities to achieve the wide BT.2020 color gamut.  But they can also be used in other applications ranging from solar cells, to lighting and bioimaging, so this is clearly a technology to be tracking.”

Click here to download the paper from InsightMedia's website: Quantum Dot White Paper

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InsightMedia looks at Quantum Dots impact on HDR in an extensive, free white paper

Author Chris Chinnock, takes a close look at all the competing technologies that are vying to bring next generation video features like HDR and Wide Color Gamut into your living room. According to him, "quantum dot technology is clearly the front runner for achieving the high color gamuts." 

Head over to their site to download a free copy of this exhaustive 50+ page report for free!

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