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Hometoys Magazine: QDEF Alternative to OLED?

QDEF is a new kind of backlight technology that’s going to enable a new generation of LED backlit TVs that have OLED-like performance at only a fraction of the cost. Display performance is all about light- how much can I generate, how efficiently, how wide a range of colors, and how much resolution can I pack in? QDEF gives LCD makers a way to tune the spectrum of light in the backlight and dramatically improve picture quality. It does this with millions of tiny nanoscrystal phosphors, called “quantum dots.” These “dots” emit light at a very precise wavelength and can be controlled by their size. We use a mix of different color emitting dots to create the perfect backlight for your LCD. The result is richer, more saturated color that’s more true to life.

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Nanosys Unlocks Full Color LCD Viewing Experience with Nanotechnology

Announces the Release of First of Its Kind QDEFTM High Color Gamut Optical Film for LCDs, Ushers in New Era in Content Creation and Experience

Palo Alto, Calif., May 17, 2011 – Nanosys, Inc., an advanced materials architect, today announced that its next generation LCD technology, the Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEFTM), is available to display manufacturers. Device designers can now increase color gamut by as much as 3x without making the trade offs in cost, size and brightness they’ve had to make in the past. This means richer, more viscerally vibrant reds and a deeper palette of greens – the color the human eye sees more intensely than any other color.

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