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Printed Electronics Now: Nanosys, DIC and Inkjet Printed Quantum Dots

David Savastano of Printed Electronics Now recently sat down with Nanosys and DIC executives to discuss their successful collaboration to develop ink jet printed Quantum Dots for displays. The breakthrough could change the way displays are made, bringing better efficiency and color to displays of all types from LCD to OLED to microLED. According to Russell Kempt, Nanosys Vice President of Sales and Marketing:

“We expect to see the first printed devices in the market within the next two years,” Kempt added. “Looking ahead, printed quantum dots can also help solve manufacturing yield issues for microLED displays, which today rely on a complex ‘pick and place’ process to create all three colors from millions of individual LEDs. With printed quantum dots we can simply the system, accelerating microLED technology’s path to market over the next couple of years.

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