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NVIDIA merges Quantum Dot and HDR to build "Holy Grail" of PC displays

Brad Chacos writing for PC World on NVIDIA's new  G-Synch gaming monitors which feature Nanosys Quantum Dot technology for an awesome, up close HDR gaming experience

Nvidia's first HDR G-Sync monitors are basically the holy grail of PC displays

Nvidia introduced its own HDR G-Sync gaming monitors, and woo boy do they sound badass…the first HDR G-Sync panels shine at a whopping 1,000 nits of brightness, with 384 backlight zones that can be individually controlled to help the brightest colors and deepest blacks coexist side-by-side. That’s because HDR’s core purpose is to greatly expand the dynamic color range of displays; to that effect, these first G-Sync HDR monitors support the HDR-10 standard, along with a DCI-P3 cinema grade (read: swanky and accurate) color gamut bolstered by the addition of a Quantum Dot Enhancement Film.

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