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USA Today: Should you buy an LED, OLED and QLED

As the new Samsung QLED TV hits the market, TV buyers have been wondering, what the differences are between an OLED TV and a QLED TV?

Marc Saltzman from USA Today clears up the confusion with a detailed comparison between the 3 types of TVs on the market. He found the Quantum Dot technology in the latest QLEDs delivers fantastic contrast, color and reliability compared to sets based on OLED.

  • "Quantum dot TVs can match the “infinite” contrast ratio of OLED, delivering exceptionally dark blacks and whiter whites, and offer higher brightness than OLED TVs."
  • "These [QLED] TVs boast a wider, more true-to-life color palette – especially when it comes to reds, greens, and cyans – compared to OLED-based displays."
  • Unlike OLED materials, quantum dots are inorganic, which translates to longer-lasting displays and don’t suffer from any “burn-in” (ghost image) issues, though LG has added technologies to mitigate this.
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HDTV Expert on CES 2014: Red really looks like red when viewed with a Quantum Dot backlight

Red – perhaps the most difficult color to reproduce accurately in any flat-screen TV – really looks like red when viewed with a QD backlight. And it’s possible to show many subtle shades of red with this technology.

All you need is a QD film or emitter with arrays of red and green dots, plus a backlight made up of blue LEDs. The blue passes through, while the blue photons “tickle” the red and green dots, causing them to emit their respective colors. It’s also possible to build a direct-illumination display out of quantum dots that would rival OLED TVs.

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