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Display makers are looking for UltraHD BT.2020 color technologies that deliver high brightness with no compromise. They are looking for Nanosys.  Our state-of-the-art Quantum Dot technology delivers unmatched BT.2020 color, lifelike brightness and unparalleled power efficiency at a fraction of the cost of OLEDs.

Nanosys produces the world’s highest performance Quantum Dot materials at the most competitive cost. Since our founding in 2001, we’ve been working to improve the brightness, color purity and lifetime of our Quantum Dots for better performance, easier integration and lower-cost implementation.  

Quantum Dots for LCD Backlighting

Nanosys offers three lines of Quantum Dots products today for use in LCD backlight applications such as Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) or Quantum Dot on Glass (QDOG): 

Each of our products offer unique solutions for the market needs and performance demanded by our customers. 

Note: 1. Above performance has been verified using Nanosys Quantum Dot products with appropriate color filters. 2. Similar performance may not be achievable with non-Nanosys Quantum Dots. 3. Relative brightness is meaningful only within the same color gamut, not across different color gamut standards.

*DCI-P3/BT2020 uses coverage in CIE 1976; Adobe RGB uses coverage in CIE 1931; NTSC uses area in CIE 1931


Nanosys produces the best performing 100% Heavy Metal-free Quantum Dots in the world for our customers to integrate into products where the highest environmental requirement is desired. Our Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dots contain zero heavy metals such as Cadmium or Lead.

Today, our Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dot product is mostly used for display applications requiring high DCI-P3 coverage (such as >98%).


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Hyperion Quantum Dots match the color performance of our industry-leading Quantum Dot materials with over 90% BT.2020 color gamut coverage. However, unlike traditional Cadmium-based materials, Hyperion Quantum Dot films do not require an exemption to the European Union’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. This is because Hyperion Quantum Dots are made using a novel manufacturing technique that combines a Cadmium-free red emitter with an ultra-low Cadmium green emitter.

The result: no-compromise performance with no need for a RoHS exemption.


Quantum Dots 

Nanosys has produced the highest performance Cadmium-Selenide Quantum Dot materials on the market since our first product in 2013. Customers continue to demand these materials for their unmatched performance, low cost and robust reliability.



Nanosys is partnering with world’s leading suppliers of ink jet inks and photo resists for patterning or printing of our proprietary Heavy Metal Free Quantum Dot materials in applications such as QDCC. 

Nanosys Blue Heavy Metal Free Electroluminescent Quantum Dots next to red and green Photo Emissive Quantum Dots

Nanosys Blue Heavy Metal Free Electroluminescent Quantum Dots next to red and green Photo Emissive Quantum Dots

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